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For the longest time I felt like I was being bullied by the enemy. I was trying to live for Jesus but my mind was constantly full of all kinds of crazy thoughts and it really left me feeling hopeless. When I tried to step out in faith he would tell me that I wasn’t good enough. When I tried to be myself he would tell me that I was too much, and I would just sit there and take it. I knew what the word said, but I still felt helpless. It really felt as though there was nothing I could do about it, until things got to a point where I felt like I just couldn’t take it anymore and I decided to start fighting back.

From that point I started scrambling for whatever resources that I could get my hands on to help with this area of my life. I began to counteract my negative thoughts with Scripture. Sometimes I would do this in my mind, and sometimes I would do this out loud, which I must admit felt kinda weird at times, but I did any way. I went to Christian counseling. I processed my emotions with friends.

I read Battlefield of The Mind by Joyce Meyer and I read Crashing the Chatterbox by Steven Futirck. I turned to podcasts, sermons, and journaling. I noticed that worship had a way of changing my perspective quickly. So what did I do? I created a playlist full of songs that remind me of who God is to me so I could have an artillery of songs that I could play when my mind was feeling messed up. I even tried that whole put encouraging sticky notes on your wall thing.

Now maybe this seems like a bit much to you, but when I decided that I was going to let the darkness beat me down, things changed. All these little things have come together to help me produce a better quality of life because my mind is constantly being filled with more truth than lies.

If this is something you struggle with you don’t have to do a whole bunch of things at once. Find things that help and take something that is not helping away and replace it with something full of truth (E.g. Open your Bible app instead of your Instagram when you’re awkwardly waiting for your turn at the grocery store or doctor’s office. Replace your trap music with Christian rap. Replace that show God’s been telling you to stop watching with spending more time with God). Whatever you decide to do, just be international about it and don’t give up.

Contrary to what enemy might have you think, you don’t have to just sit there and take his blows. So don’t let him push you around. You have the tools you need to you fight back. You have the word of God, you have prayer, and hopefully you have a community that is willing to intercede on our behalf and push you in the right direction. So armor up, and remember, you don’t have to do this alone. You, my friend, are stronger than you think

“Greater than the one who is in the world” – John 4:4