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When I go shopping on black Friday I always end up filling my cart with things that I’m not completely sold on because I’m scared they might run out. I’m so committed to this fear that I once walked around the store for two hours with a 65 inch TV that barely fit in my cart, several obscure children toys, and the latest 2K video game just in case. But, I didn’t end up getting anything.

If you’ve ever experienced wanting to buy something only to find out that they ran out, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s that scarcity mindset, and it has a way of creeping in to our minds and causing us to do some pretty strange things… especially when it comes to relationships.

I used to approach relationships this way, and it really kinda messed me up. As a result, I know what’s it’s like to tolerate all kinds of nonsense from people who don’t deserve me because I genuinely believed that I had no other options. I also know what it’s like to get so caught up in the idea of being with a specific person only to feel crushed when the feeling’s not mutual or they start seeing someone else. I don’t know, maybe you can relate.

Either way, this is why it is so important to have standards and know your worth. When you know your worth you don’t let anyone treat you any old way. When you really understand your value, the fact that someone doesn’t like you back will be disappointing, but not soul crushing. When you have standards you don’t let men, even men who claim to love the Lord treat you poorly. Why? Because you know that you are an amazing human being who has a lot to offer!

Okay. So, maybe you haven’t been on a date lately, and maybe you feel like the fact that no one likes you or tries to talk to you is an indication that something is wrong with you, but this is not the truth. I came on here to remind you that there is not a scarcity of single people who look good and love Jesus. My friend, you have options. Know your worth. Have standards, and don’t settle for anyone less than God’s best for your life.