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When I was in high school I always felt this pressure to have my life together as a young leader. As a result of this pressure I shared very little about my personal life because I viewed transparency as a sign of weakness. When it came transparency, I constantly found myself sharing the same things that happened years ago out of fear that my struggles would deem me as spiritually immature.

Eventually I realized the need for transparency when I was going through a tough time due to an event that occurred in my personal life. Overwhelmed by my emotions my life was reduced to binge watching Netflix, spending a lot of time alone, and going to church as much as possible. However, during this time, the fact that everyone around me seemed so struggle free was killing me.

I remember going to church and feeling out of place because everyone else seemed so much happier than I was. Yet interestingly enough, I knew this was not the case. The reality is, we all have our own problems. We all have things that we struggle with and things we are trying to overcome. We’re just not always as transparent about them. And this experience taught me the importance of being transparent in my own life.

Over time I have realized that a lack of transparency can cause people who aren’t Christian to shy away from God because they think that Christians cannot relate to their hardship. I’ve also observed that a lack of transparency can also cause Christians to stay quiet about how they’re really doing. As result, some believers end up trying to figure things out on their own and struggling by themselves because they think that they’re the only one going through a tough time, questioning their beliefs, or struggling with some secret sin.

I get that sometimes we don’t want to share the details of our lives because we don’t want people to know who we really are. I also get that no one wants to be perceived as weak or inferior to the next person. But the truth is, there’s a way to be transparent without throwing yourself under the bus. Christianity is not comprised of perfect individuals who never struggle with anything. We are all a whole bunch of broken people trying to lead other broken people closer to Jesus. So definitely use wisdom, but at the same time, don’t be afraid to share every now and again. Someone needs your “me too”.